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      電話:+86-379-6996 1666
      傳真:+86-379-6996 1888轉8888

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      Henan Dingneng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., founded in June, 2016, is located in Room 802, World Trade Center Building A Block, No.258 Kaiyuan Avenue, Luolong District, Luoyang. It is one of wholly-owned companies with 20 million yuan registered capital in Luoyang Kaiyuan Mining Group Co., Ltd., and its main business covers industrial and civil architecture projects, highway bridges engineering, mining tunnel projects, earth-rock engineering, ground and foundation engineering, the installation engineering of machinery and electrical equipment, decoration engineering, the construction of fire protection engineering, the sales of mine mechanical and electrical equipment, and the management and consultation of construction projects.

      “The market determines future; the quality determines survival; the brand determines image; the idea determines development; the talent determines vicissitude”, these are our business ideas. “We always manage strictly to achieve safety work; we adhere to civilized construction in high efficiency and low consumption; we promise we will build boutique engineering; we will be civilized and honest, and provide high quality services; we take the people first, and strive for creating the first-rate brand”, all of these are our policies.

      Since its inception, Henan Dingneng Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. has successively built several projects such as civil architecture, earthwork, decoration, the installation of machinery and electrical equipment, etc. In the process of organizing construction, our company always adheres to the “integrity, high quality, civilization, high speed, low consumption” of construction idea. It really do business with our true heart, which has received many praises from clients.

      In the future development, our company will as always take “building first-rate engineering, creating brand model” as the development goal, use quality to win reputation and use brand to create future. Our company always adheres to be responsible for home owners and clients, do its bit for the harmony of society, and share development achievements with employees.

      固 話:+86-379-6996 1666
      傳 真:+86-379-6996 1888轉8888
      郵 箱:kyjt@kykyjt.com
      地 址:洛陽市洛龍區開元大道269號


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